Why say NO to plastic straws?

Why say NO to plastic straws?

We often tend to grab a plastic straw along with tender coconut. Why? Water spills on our clothes or doesn’t know to drink without a straw or it's too heavy to lift up and drink a tender coconut. What’s your excuse to drink coconut water without a straw? 

FYI, millions of plastic straws are disposed of every day across the world. Even though plastic/paper straws are tiny, when disposed of in such huge numbers, they need a lot of space on our planet. And assume it never gets decomposed because they are made of non-biodegradable materials. When they reach landfills, they tend to pollute soil, air, and water. To know how check out the answers here

And these plastic straws greatly damage the oceans too. Since plastic straws are tiny, they end up in oceans easily. In fact, straws are one of the top 5 items found in oceans or beaches. Significantly 150 million tons of plastic contribute to the oceans every year. Imagine the number of plastics consumed by marine animals or the microplastics generated by these plastic straws. We might already be a cause of death to many marine lives with our plastic straw usage. 

Do we even have a solution for these plastic straws? Yes, we do. The best solution to drink tender coconut is by just kissing it. If it is not possible at all for you, choose to drink using reusable straws. Buy once and reuse it for years and experience the joy of avoiding single-use plastic straws. A few examples of reusable straws are stainless steel straws, bamboo straws, and glass straws. 

An eco-friendly disposable straw option is the coconut leaf straw, banana leaf straw (found at one of the restaurants Sante` Spa), or an edible straw. These are eco-friendly but remember recurring effort and resources are required to make these. 

From now on, I hope you will take a small pause before using single-use plastic straws to drink tender coconut or any beverage. 

To encourage drinking tender coconut in an eco-friendly style we are running a challenge on our social media. You too can participate to win a set of stainless steel straw and straw cleaner from THE BAG. Check out the challenge now on our Instagram page @reusethebag

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