My Journey from Unconscious Consumer to Sustainability Practitioner: A Story of Personal Transformation

My Journey from Unconscious Consumer to Sustainability Practitioner: A Story of Personal Transformation

A decade ago, I never imagined myself as a sustainability practitioner. In fact, I used to carry wet tissues in my bag and mindlessly choose paper cups over reusables at hotels. However, something changed along the way, and I became aware of the impact of my actions on the environment. This blog chronicles my journey from an unconscious consumer to a dedicated advocate for sustainability. It highlights the pivotal moments that triggered my awareness, the lessons I learned, and the steps I took to make a positive change.

The Awakening:

I began my journey with a few unconscious sustainable habits, such as carrying my own bag to avoid accumulating more plastic bags at home and consistently disposing of trash in appropriate bins. However, it wasn't until I understood the significance of waste segregation that my awakening truly began. This realization opened my eyes to the importance of responsible waste management and the detrimental effects of careless disposal.

The Turning Point: Single-Use Plastics:

It was the issue of single-use plastic bags that propelled me to take a proactive role in advocating for sustainability. Learning about their long-term environmental impact and the staggering statistics surrounding their usage motivated me to change. I delved deeper into the subject, educating myself about the detrimental effects of various disposable products on our planet.

Becoming a Mom: A New Perspective:

When I became a mom, my perspective on sustainability deepened. I realized how items like diapers, wet tissues, and garbage bags not only harm the environment but also have a significant impact on our pockets. I realized that there had to be a better, more sustainable approach. I explored alternatives such as reusable diapers, langots, and washcloths. Making the switch brought me satisfaction, knowing that I was reducing waste.

Empowering Choices: Menstrual Health:

In my journey of a sustainable lifesstyle, I also learned the environmental and health implications of disposable sanitary pads. Seeking a better solution, I came across the menstrual cup—a game changer. Not only does it reduce waste and save money, but it also offers a healthier and more comfortable option for menstrual hygiene. 

Waste to treasure:

Realizing waste that goes out of the house creates pollution to the environment by releasing harmful gases is one of the triggers to start composting and making bio-enzymes journey. Every piece of wet waste generated in the kitchen is composted and turned into black gold. Feeding this black gold to my plants is my favorite thing to do. And all the citrus peels go into the making of bio enzymes and are used to spray on plants and for cleaning purposes at home.  

Taking Action: A Sustainable Solution:

With so many experiences as a mom and my commitment to sustainability, I decided to take action and inspire others to make similar changes. Through my website, I expanded my range of eco-friendly products to include reusable bags, reusable glasses, reusable straws, and other sustainable essentials. I wanted to provide convenient, cost-effective, and environment-friendly alternatives, making it easier for them to follow sustainable practices.

While my journey towards sustainability is ongoing, I am fully committed to reaching a 100% sustainable lifestyle in the future. Throughout my journey, I encountered doubts and questioned my ability to make a difference. But the truth is, if I can transform from an unconscious consumer to a sustainability practitioner, anyone has the power to make a positive change for the environment. It all starts with a desire to learn, an openness to new possibilities, and a commitment to taking small steps. Every individual has the capacity to contribute, no matter their background or previous habits. By sharing my story, I hope I inspire others to embark on their sustainability journeys and realize their potential to create lasting change.

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