Importance and benifits of Recycling

Importance and benifits of Recycling

what is recycling?
The process of converting waste materials into new products is called recycling in simple words. Recycling helps in reducing and diverting the waste from landfills. Upto 75% of waste can be sent to the recycling process and can be reused.

what can and cannot be recycled?
It is important to know what is recyclable and what is not in your surroundings in order to improve the operations of Materials Recovery Facility. Materials like paper - newspaper, brown paper, magazine, mixed paper, cardboard - OCC, glass bottles & jars, rigid plastic bottles/containers, metal containers like aluminum, iron, steel cans & containers can all be reused. Even food waste can be recycled into compost that has a lot of organic value.

What cannot be recycled are tissues, greasy paper, diapers, sanitary napkins, broken ceramics, single use plastic films/carry bags, bubble wrap, e-waste, styro foam cutleries, construction & demolition debris, mirrors, broken bulbs and more.

Why is recycling important?
Recycling reduces the process of making new products from natural resources like
- recycled paper helps in reducing deforestation
- recycled metals helps in reducing mining
- recycled glass reduces the use of sand to make new ones
- recycling old plastic means making less of new plastic

What is the cost of recycling?
The ides is to recycle more, reduce bin waste, more the money is saved. The survey says it is 6 times cheaper to dispose of recycled waste than the original ones. The process of recycling creates lot of jobs for unemployed, stimulates the economy in many ways too.

Effects of recycling on Environment
The process of recycling uses less energy than in making the new ones. For example metals can be recycled repeatedly because they own their properties forever. The metals like aluminium takes 95% less energy to make new products out of them where steel needs 75% less energy to make new steel products.

- Recycling can reduces the waste sent to incenerators. Inceneration produces emissions containing metals and dioxin, in result global warming and acid rains.
- Mining and drilling is avoided when recycled materials are used in manufacturing new products.
- Recycling helps in maintaining the quality of air as it uses less energy in manufacturing products.

So, let's recycle as much as possible to maintain the economy, reduce the pollution, save energy and emission of toxic gases released from the landfills.

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