I want a best kitchenware scrubber..

I want a best kitchenware scrubber..

We depend on different kinds of scrubbers to wash our kitchenware like plastic scrubbers, steel scrubbers, unwoven polymer, coir scrubbers, and plant-based loofah. All these help us very well in cleaning kitchenware and cleaning surface area too. But, a few types of scrubbers cause harm to our environment. If you would like to use which of these scrubbers are efficient and environment-friendly, read till the end. 

Plastic and polymer scrubber :  

  1. Over time when these scrubbers can become brittle and misshapen due to frequent use or exposure to heat and moisture. 
  2. These can break down and shed tiny particles over time that can be ingested or contaminate the food too. 
  3. These scrubbers are not biodegradable and can contribute to the accumulation of plastic waste in landfills.
  4. These scrubbers can create microplastics, and shed tiny plastic particles when they are used, which can contribute to the problem of microplastics in the environment. These play a major role in water bodies, marine creatures, and our soil too. 
  5. scrubbers can harbor bacteria, especially if they are not properly cleaned or replaced frequently. This can lead to the spread of germs and bacteria in the kitchen.
  6. When these scrubbers are not properly cleaned or replaced frequently they harbor bacteria. This might lead to spread the of germs and bacteria in the kitchen. 

Steel Scrubbers:

  1. Steel scrubbers can scratch or damage delicate kitchenware like non-stick cookware, glassware, ceramic, and terracotta too. 
  2. When a steel scrubber is not properly dried after use, it starts to rust and leave rust marks on the dishes and cause damage. 
  3. These scrubs are great for removing tough food residues such as milk, burnt food, or grease, but not so effective in removing stains. 
  4. These can be rough on the skin and cause discomfort or even injury to the hands if used frequently or improperly.
  5. Steel scrubs are made of stainless steel, which is not biodegradable, breaks down into pieces and cause harm to marine animals, is hard to collect and recycle,  and can contribute to environmental waste.
  6. Steel scrubs can sometimes transfer flavors from one dish to another when the scrub is not thoroughly cleaned between uses. Ex: after washing vessels with garlic, spices 


  1. Plant-based loofah is made from natural materials such as sisal, hemp, and sponge guard loofah. These are 100% biodegradable and are alternatives to synthetic sponges and scrubbers. 
  2. These are free from harmful chemicals and toxins, and safe to use in the kitchen. They do not release any harmful substances into the environment or into the food being prepared. 
  3. These are effective at removing the tough stains, food particles, grease, and grime in the kitchenware, leaving the kitchenware clean and hygienic. 
  4. When these scrubbers reach the stage that cannot be used anymore, you can dispose of them with wet waste or compost them. Since it is a plant-based product, they quickly biodegrade or get composted. 

Coir scrubbers: 

  1. Coir scrubbers are made from coconut husk fibers. Our ancestors always used coconut coir to clean bodies, wash vessels, and scrub the surface. These were just thrown away after use and this disappeared in weeks. Because they are totally biodegradable. 
  2. These can be used for effective scrubbing, are abrasive, and removes stubborn stains and food residue. 
  3. Even though these are quite rough to feel, they are gentle on surfaces and don’t leave any scratches. 
  4. These versatile coir scrubbers can be used to clean various surfaces like wood, metal, glass, ceramic, terracotta, and stone. 
  5. Coir scrubbers do not release any kind of toxins or chemicals. They might shed coir dust or coir pieces which are totally safe on soil and water. 

Coir scrubbers and plant-based scrubbers are good to go for any surface or kitchenware cleaning since they are eco-friendly options. Plastic scrubs do a great job n vessels but end up harming the environment. Why not choose something that is a win-win deal for the environment and for us. 

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