Environment Day

Environment Day

How many of us are wishing happily? Are you? I guess it’s a  No. If some part of the earth is clean and beautiful, other parts of the earth don't look great because of us. Well, thankful to the people who are keeping a part of the world green and beautiful. But, the other parts?  Yes, we are the reason for environmental destruction. We are so selfish that we ignore the earth as we take every bit of our only planet for granted. At every step we are comforting our lives while discomforting our planet. We breathe while we suffocate the planet. But how long can we breathe when the planet stops breathing? 

It is high time, we have to realize what is happening to our earth. While we are breaking the natural mountains, on the other side we are building mountains of waste. This is such a foreign concept but we have got so accustomed to it or we are not worried about it since it is generally out of our sight. This hit me when we saw a few dump yards within India. 

Following are the 10 largest dumping yards in India,

  1. Deonar Dumping Ground, Mumbai
  2. Ghazipur Landfill, Delhi
  3. Kodungaiyur Dumpyard, Chennai
  4. Dhapa Wasteland, Kolkata
  5. Mavallipura Landfill Site, Bangalore
  6. Uruli Devachi and Phursungi, Pune
  7. Jawahar Nagar Dump Yard, Hyderabad
  8. Pirana Landfill, Ahmedabad
  9. Bhandewadi Dumping Area, Nagpur
  10. Vellalore Garbage Yard, Coimbatore


Consumerism, Single use plastic lifestyle are the greatest contributors. The time has arrived. We have to change our lifestyle and feel a little ashamed to use single-use plastic. Zero waste living may not be feasible for all but let’s start with whatever we can and then move up.

A few easy habits of ours can help a lot in a better environment.  

  1. Always carry a bag/foldable carry bag with you to avoid new bags into your house. 
  2. Start using a zero waste kit which includes a set of cutlery, coffee mug, reusable box, water bottle and a bag. This can greatly reduce the single use plastics. 
  3. Start choosing simple alternatives like coconut coir scrub instead of polymer scrub, cotton wipes instead of non woven wipes, reusable dustbin liners instead of plastic lines, green tea leaves instead of tea bags, reusable napkins instead of tissues, a piece of fabric or paper instead of plastic gift wrap, corn starch/bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic toothbrush, plantable pen/pencils  instead of plastic ones, reusable diapers/sanitary pads instead of disposable ones. 
  4. Let’s try to organise eco friendly parties like using dry leaves poppers instead of plastic birthday poppers, reusable cutleries instead of single use cutleries, eco friendly gifting and wrapping, seed paper invites. Doing zero waste during gatherings will help not only reduce the waste but also educate a few.

So, dear humans, let's start our new sustainable alternatives lifestyle before we wish ourselves a HAPPY ENVIRONMENTAL DAY, and also make other parts of the world beautiful and green. 

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