Energy Vs Pollution

Energy Vs Pollution

Energy is the ability to do work. Heat, light, motion, electrical, chemical and gravitational are a few forms of energy. And these are classified into potential and kinetic energies further. Energy has become our basic necessity not only just to heat up human-made structures but also to cool them. 

What is the primary source of energy? 

Almost all energy comes from the sun, large amounts of energy as atoms are fused in the core and released on earth by the nuclear fusion reactions. The energy we use everyday in our life comes from various sources that have already captured and stored this initial energy. 

Where can we find Energy?

In simple words we consume a primary form of stored energy when we eat plant based food, these plants would have captured sunlight as sun’s energy in the form of sunlight. 

If we are consuming meat then we are having the secondary storage as animals would have eaten primary sources of energy products like plants. 

What are the other sources of energy?

Other sources of energies are man made energies like electrical energy, nuclear energy, fossil fuel,  chemical energy from natural resources like water, fossils, biomass and more. 

What is fossil fuel energy? 

A fossil fuel is a hydrocarbon-containing material found underground from the remains of dead plants and animals that humans extract and burn to release energy for use. The main fossil fuels are coal, petroleum and natural gas, which humans extract through mining and drilling. 

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