Eco-Friendly Christmas Décor

Christmas is one joyful and colorful festival we all love to celebrate. Christmas decorations is one of the challenging part where we decorate a christmas tree, reindeer, Santa, wreath, gifts, ornaments, table tops and more.

We all know and aware of how important it is to make any celebration more sustainable - and the best thing about it is it can be started from our home. There's a saying 'small difference can make a big change', this difference can reduce the carbon footprint at a large percentage. We need to involve with this change because we never put our efforts in tracking the waste
we have generated. Every celebration increases the potential for waste with over consumption, mass shopping and more.

This year let our christmas decorations be as sustinable as possible. We can help you with some simple ideas.
1. Rent a Christmas Tree - a few websites offers you to rent a christmass tree like Evibe and JustDial. Get one this year and decorate yourself and return it. This might not consume any storage space at our home and add another artificial christmas tree at anyone's house.
Buying or renting real plant that has life is also one of the options.

2. Christmas Ornaments - we can make some cute ornaments ourselves with paper, fabric. Youtube and Pintrest has a lot of tutorials about DIY christmas ornaments.

3. Christmas gifting - it's a tradition and a sign of hapiness to gift eachother on christmas. We can choose recycled paper or fabric to wrap the gift instead of plastic wrap.

4. Giting cards - we can choose seedpaper cards or paper cards instead of laminated cards to wish our family and friends.

5. Christmas wreath - we can choose to have a fresh wreath's by decorating with some seasonal plants and leaves. Or we can do one at home with the fabric or available ornaments to make it look beautiful.

7. Gingle bells - gingle bells to look beautiful the need not be a glittery plastic one's only. Choose metal bells like brass, copper or steel bells and decorate them a fabric bow or simple crochet bows.

8. Soy was candles - these candels are natural, made out of hydrogenated soy beans. Soy candles doesn't emit soot nor release toxins to the environment, where parafin candles are made out of crudeoil by removing the waxy sustance.

So let’s get started with sustainable Christmas celebrations right away.

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